Astral projection is a technique for voluntarily inducing an out-of-body experience (OBE).

Stones and crystals with a natural resonance or ones meant to enhance psychism or that work on the spirit planes or astral planes often aid and enhance this exercise. Bismuth and fluorine are relatively good for this--bismuth is the far far better of the two. Hematite for calming or quartz crystal, which is just stock in almost any 'new-age' technique may also help.

Do *not* expect to get this right on the first try. I'm sure it won't work. It is a strange sensation physically, and something nearly mentally incomprehensible to your body. don't give up, if you want to do this. Keep trying! anyone has the ability to project it just takes self-control and training.

Find a good place and time. Lie on your bed, a couch, or the floor. Be wearing *comfortable* clothes. Make sure you will *not* be disturbed or interrupted. Burning incense might help. do *not* burn candles, as you will not be conscious to notice if things catch on fire. If you do burn incense make sure it is burning *properly* just smoldering not flaming or there could be a fire hazard. Once you have mastered the technique stop burning things as it is really unnecessary and a bit dangerous. Turn out the lights. The dark is your friend. i promise. You may also want to play a new-age type tape, one for meditation or somesuch, as the soothing sounds often help people relax and focus.

With your area prepared,lie down. Flat. On your back. You may rest your hands alongside you parallel to your body on the floor, or you may fold them across your stomach, Obi-wan Kenobi style. (Just rest one hand on your stomach, below your ribs, and the other on top of the first). If you are using bismuth or another projection aid, hold it (loose, or in a pouch), between your first hand and your stomach, again placing the second hand on top of the first.

breathe. relax.

I'm serious about that. That is probably the most important thing in here. First you have to attune and calm down from your stresses. It will probably help you (especially if you are naturally fidgety) to visualize yourself turning to stone, muscle by muscle, from your toes upwards to the crown of the head. Now focus on your breathing patterns. Breathe in a three-count, hold for a three-count, breathe out for a three-count (some people use their heartbeat to regulate the count). Keep doing this until you are totally calm. It is quite possible this is far as you will get, the first time you try to project. don't' worry this is totally normal.

That was preparation. Now for the actual astral projection itself. if you are using bismuth (you're a fool not to...) or some other stone, this is when and where you use it. Focus your thoughts *into* the stone. focus your soul/will/essence/spirit/whatever you choose to call it, *into* the stone. You will gradually feel a resonance building, from your stomach where the stone is, throughout your entire body, in waves. This resonance will eventually basically jar your spirit loose from your body. There is no simpler explanation nor one that makes more sense.

Once you are free you may wander around just exploring. If you have a definite focus--a person or a thing or a place you have *actual ties* to, you can basically *will* yourself to that place. It is almost impossible to just say 'oh look i've projected i'm going to go visit the leaning tower of pisa" if you've never traveled there. If you have emotional memories of same tower, say your first kiss with the love of your life took place there, its quite possible for you to project to there.

Do not stay "out" too long. Your body, not used to being soulless will eventually *force* you back in. The resonance will cause strange muscle contractions, you will first feel it tingling then muscle spasms as it tries to clear the foreign resonance. Eventually your body's "resonance" in its physical movements will break the soul's resonance and you will wake up back in your body. The more you project the longer you can stay out.

it is this counter-resonance that will be your enemy as you try to master projection. The first time, two times, five times, ten times, whatever, you will probably not get further than the feeling of strange pulses of energy shooting through your body, combined with weird muscle spasms as your body tries to keep your soul there. You will probably reach the point, not of pain but of being so *distracted* you can no longer keep your focus enough to project. Give up. Wake up. Try again later. If you are feeling that, if you get that far you are on the right track. Try again in a couple days. keep trying. It will happen.

(Note. These instructions are general. Everyone must find the technique that works best for them, as in any 'technique' or 'ritual'. This is not written in stone. adapt it. Make it work for *you*. Good luck)