A major reason why high school sucks is the people running it. Who the hell wants to be a teacher anymore? Until this year, every teacher was over 49 (two were 50). This year 3 were hired right out of college, and they are some of the best teachers there. However, they are the exception. Three others were hired. They are incompetant, quite simply. The old teachers are generally burnt out. The administration is even worse, both ignored and stupid.

I am a senior and a brain. I can walk out of a class without an excuse. Yet I still have to show. Idiots and jocks run amok. Learning is frowned upon. Independant thought is rude. Incompetance is expected. High school doesn't educate, it merely keeps teenagers off the streets.

reply to Segnbora-t(Thank you for the compliment BTW)

You make several good points. All teachers over 50 certainly are not burnt out. My favorite teachers are over 50 and in some cases 60. However, the older the teachers got, the more likely they were to be burnt out, and the less in common they had with their students.

I was unclear with my second point. What I was trying to complain about was how easy high school is. I take only honor or AP courses, yet I get by with no effort. If they want to make it that easy, just let me stay home and sleep. Otherwise give me some meat, instead of predigested prunes.