The term "psychobitch" is often used to describe women who exhibit a blatent disregard for the emotions of others, typically men who are attracted to them, and also behave in an erratic or psychotic manner.

For example, if you and the female in question are leaving the same place at virtually the same time, and she lives in the direction of the fast food places and will be heading that way, you are likely to also head in that direction in close proximity if you desire fast food. If she freaks out and assumes that you are stalking her, whether or not she ever vocalizes this and/or files a complaint, and her behavior changes negatively towards you as a result, then she may be classed as a psychobitch. The simple reason is that she is making an unwarranted assumption, is showing a disregard for your feelings (hence the bitch aspect), and is freaking out for no legitimate reason.