An American philosophy intended and used to justify all sorts of antisocial behavior which adolescent human males engage in. "Boys will be boys" has been used by public school administrators and/or members of the mainstream American public to justify and/or downplay such things as:

  • Assault on other students.
  • Assault resulting in serious bodily injury to other students.
  • Getting girls half-stoned/drunk and having sex with them.
  • Unprotected teenage sex with multiple partners.
  • I heard it once used to downplay a gang rape.
  • Harassment of other students.

In general, "boys will be boys" is a braindead philosophy some Americans came up with. Note that while breaking the back of your fellow classmates is not even given a slap on the wrist, taking a swing at a school teacher or official gets the youth charged with such lovely crimes as assault on a civil servant.