Ok, I just woke up from napping (I have a much easier time remembering my dreams when I nap). Anyway, this one was a lucid dream. I thought I was awake, and I kept going over to the computer to check my ICQ messages and they were all gibberish. There were a few word phrases, but for the most part it was just random letters put together, like something created by a 3 year old banging on the keyboard. Somehow that clued me into the fact that I was dreaming, so I did my typical lucid dreaming things like flying and creating giant monoliths and all that. I even took part in a real-life game of Team Fortress Classic in this dream (cheating, of course since I was the God of this dreamworld). It was all very exciting for me.

The weird part about this dream was that I had the whole "dream within a dream" thing going on. So, after I got through doing all the stuff I mentioned in the previous paragraph I thought I woke up. So I went to tell all my friends about the dream I was having. I've never had anything like this happen before so it seems really convoluted to me at the moment. After discussing the lucid portion of the dream with my friends, we went to eat at some vegetarian restaurant, but it was closed. Then my alarm clock went off, so I woke up for real. All in all though it was a pretty good dream.