As the dream begins, I find myself in our family's Dodge Intrepid with my mother and my sister. Mom begins to drive very erratically, much to my dismay. She starts going at an incredible speed, and the scenery passes by in a blur. She then crosses over the median into the oncoming traffic. I'm really frightened by this, and I begin yelling at my mom to stop this insanity and pull over, but she does not listen to me. On down the road I see this huge dump truck coming straight towards us. My mother plays chicken with the truck up until the very last moment. She then runs the car off the left-hand side of the road, over a cliff.

Somehow, the three of us are ejected from the car in opposite directions. I land in a deep pool of water (a reoccurring element in my dreams), and swim my way to the shore. I begin to shout at the top of my lungs to locate my mom and sister. I hear their replies and I make my way through a forest to find them.

When we are reunited, we discover that there is no way back up the the road from where we are. We're trapped down at the bottom of this canyon-thing. Luckily, Michael Jordan appears to give us passage out of this place. He waves his hand and this table rises from the ground with three bowls of Lucky Charms cereal on it. He informs us that to escape this place we must each eat all the freeze-dried marshmallows in our respective bowls of cereal without eating a single wheat piece.

I felt up to the challenge since, I had much experience in that area. My mom, however, did not. My sister ate all her marshmallows and magically disappeared to somewhere (a safe place I suppose), but when my mom decided to go she accidentally ate a wheat piece. A moment after she did Michael Jordan frowned and shook his head. He apologized as my mother was sucked into a crack in the ground. I tried to hold onto her hand as she fell, but there was nothing i could do for her (being unable to help my mother in a time of need is also a reoccurring theme in my dreams). I didn't dwell much on her though. I went on and ate my marshmallows.

Suddenly, I found myself wearing a hot and stuffy wolf costume, and I was carrying what appeared to be a lightsaber. Several of my friends, in storm trooper outfits, decided they should attack me, so I ran away from them. I ended up tripping and falling down some stairs, and when I looked up, my friend Jeff threw a thermal detonator at me. And then I awoke.