dmd came over last weekend with his girlfriend, Anna, and a friend named Caitlin. I had met both girls online, but never face-to-face contact. It was a busy Sunday; the first thing out of dmd's mouth when he got here was "Entertain me!"

After sufficient pleasantries and, most importantly, a nice lunch ("FOOD ME!"), we agreed to go to Longwood Gardens. Just an easy day of walking around, looking at the pretty trees and plants and talking.

It's incredibly refreshing to hang around really intelligent, quirky people, in real life, compared to the people I'm used to being around at school. And now for something completely different. Because of the way ticket prices are laid out, my ticket in to the Gardens was two dollars while Daniel's was fourteen. I pointed out to the girls that I was a far better deal than dmd - he was seven times as expensive but not even twice as good!

Before we had even gotten into the park, a rather random sequence of events led to Anna having stated that to her, all people are really the same. I pointed out that this must mean that since I'm fifteen, Daniel is also fifteen, and after a moment's thought, she agreed. I noted to Daniel when he came back from the restroom that Anna only liked him because he was jailbait. The look on his face was, I must say, priceless. As in, I wouldn't have paid a nickel for it.

We also got to see something that made the entire day worthwhile: A gaggle of Canadian geese took off from a pond. If you've never seen geese go from swimming to flying, you're missing out. It's fucking A'.

Unfortunately, what with all the leaves, the water fountains and streams and such had been shut off, which was a pity; the water fountains at Longwood Gardens are in a word, amazing.

We eventually got fixated upon trying to climb a tree, and upon our failure to get past the lowest branch, Daniel proclaimed us a "miserable failure of a species. Descended from monkeys and yet confounded by the simplest tree." By the time we gave up, the gardens had closed, leading us to an alternative route of exit.

We topped the night off with some sushi from Utage. I swear to $deity, JESUS HIMSELF does not get food this good in Heaven. It's like an orgasm inside your mouth, minus the icky wet spot in the bed.

All in all, I actually fared rather well; I didn't make a complete ass of myself, I managed to look semi-intelligent, say, twice... all in all, not bad! I think everyone enjoyed themselves, so 'twas a good Sunday.

What!?!? You thought that was incredibly boring and navel-gazing-ish? Look on the bright side:

At least it wasn't ANGSTY.