I suppose this is an odd time to be writing a DREAM log, seeing as how most people would be going to bed right about now, but them's the breaks. MOST of this is actually what I remember; I've polished a few details, but dreams tend to lose a lot in translation.

First things first: this dream was really quite crappy. I mean, it's not even original!

So it starts off that we're kinda swordfighting - "we" being me, a few of my friends, a few of my brother's friends, and a few people I don't really know. Now, we're not doing that pussy "fencing" with "foils" and "points", we're going all out with the stabbing and the pain and the blood and the dual-weilding daggers and all that fancy shit. Glaiven. In a mall somewhere. A cleared out pet shop, actually.

Actually, there wasn't THAT much fighting going on. Somebody did get poked in the back pretty badly, and the blood on the sword looked like lumpy Jell-O. We left the pet store and went outside, into ANOTHER pet store. Ain't dreams great? We kinda got into a circle, and then for some reason immediately all agreed that we would go to my house.

So we go to my house, to the basement naturally. I don't really quite remember what happened here, but I think a few people died and kinda just got shoved into another room. I went upstairs to get eye protection, for some reason, and when I came back downstairs to the basement, I discovered that my brother is NOT actually 3,000 miles away in Oregon, but rather right here with some of his friends, playing Xbox. Fair enough.

I figure I'll go along and play. Now, I should probably point out that this is where the dream gets really crappy. A) Halo is probably copyrighted, trademarked, and I probably owe Microsoft a few hundred dollars for that dream. B) I've had Halo dreams before. (*ca-ching!*) They sucked ass. C) I appear to be the only Xbox owner in the northwest quadrant of the Milky Way who believes that Halo is NOT more popular than Jesus, better than sex and cooler than, say, a very large jar containing dem bones, professor_pi and liberal amounts of liquid nitrogen, in the fucking vacuum of outer space.

All right, so I'm playing this game in my dream, and the game itself looks like you're dreaming - fast, somewhat blurred, choppy action. Really. So of course I suddenly find myself not playing, but DOING. I'm in the game! It doesn't look like I'll be around to do it much longer, seeing as how there seem to be a flock of killer penguins pushing each other towards me, ON their bellies, AT high speeds.


OK, so I try a few more times. There are some interesting glowing boxes that automagically give me the contents of the other boxes, which I would assume simply contain the contents of the other boxen, including the one I just opened. Wheee! Recursion!

Finally, we come to a walkway that looks surprisingly like one at my school, we come to what just may possibly have been the most anticlimatic, most cliched ending used in the history of mankind -- I woke up.

After that, I think you can pretty much tell what happened: I stumbled over to the computer, wrote up what I could remember, made up what I couldn't, and posted it. Wheee.

And people wonder why I don't like to sleep...