Also worth noting is the short lived syndicated Double Dragon cartoon. Billy and Jimmy Lee were the main characters and that's pretty much where the similarities to the game ended. The bad guy was the Shadow Master, a guy who like to dress in all black and say meancing things. Both brothers had a dragon tattoo that made them superheroes when they recited a special oath. There were also other friends, who were clearly designed to be action figures. There was a videogame based on the cartoon released for the SNES, but unlike other Double Dragon games it was a one on one Street Fighter 2-esque fighting game.

There was also a movie starring pre-Party of Five Scott Wolf and b-movie mainstay Mark Dacascos as Billy and Jimmy. Robert Patrick, the T-1000 himself, played the bad guy Koga Shuko who needed the Lee's medallion to take over the world or something generic. Alyssa Milano also showed up to provide the required T&A. The movie was pretty awful by all acounts and grossed a measley 2.3 million at the US box office.