How true.
As punknerd said, punk has become a thing brought to the world of teenagers by the likes of blink 182 and green day which they see on shit like MTV.
Instead of people who really care, we have kids who don't know the difference, they haven't gone against the "machine" or conformity, they have sold out, they are sad individuals, no they are not individuals, they a mass, a mass of teenagers wanting to look "cool" or "hip". Going for a preconfigured ideal brought on by people who can eat off of them like maggots on a corpse.
They have never heard the bands they wear so casualy on a tee-shirt. They wear Dead Kennedys shirts, when they have none of their CD's. Or they have them, but can't possibly understand the words being presented.
The punk they follow is safe, it is usual. We are "used" to it. You can't shock with the shit they're wearing, if they beleaved in the things they say, or say something that isn't so contrite and dull, they could shock, but their words of rebelion have been heard, and are not new, and are not punk anymore.
If you want to be a punk it is best to think of something that is your own, don't follow others leads. Wear your own clothes, laugh at the fools who wear baggy pants and black tee-shirts, and skateboard because it looks cool, wear shirts you would normally wear, listen to anything you want, listen to alot of different things, don't skateboard for the image, skateboard because you want to.
Think for yourselves, don't even follow Rage Against the Machine, because you must think for yourself and must make your decisions. You are you, and you must be an individual.
Punk must die to be reborn.