Rudimentary Peni are a hardcore punk band from Britain. They are however pretty creepy, and their second album "Cacophony" (1988) is a whole album dedicated to H.P. Lovecraft. Aparently the lead singer, and guitar player Nick Blinko had been interested in a group of people who followed Lovecraft's writings to a point of being a cult. The lyrics in "Cacophony" were about Lovecraft, as were Blinko's art during this time.
Blinko has been put in several insane asylums in his life. In fact Peni's third album "Pope Adrian 37th" (1995) was composed while Blinko was in an asylum, and is often about his delusions at the time. Blinko is also a talented artist, his drawings and paintings have found a group of followers, and have adorned all of Peni's albums.
Peni is still around, and the band has been off and on now for 20 years. Blinko however doesn't write the lyrics anymore, the bassist Grant Brand writes the lyrics now, as when they first started. They played a few gigs around the time of the release of "The Underclass" (2000), but haven't really played live since "Cacophony".


"Rudimentary Peni (ep)" (1981)
"Farce (ep)" (1982)
"Death Church" (1983)
"The Ep's of Rp" (1987) (This is a collection of Peni's first eps.)
"Cacophony" (1988)
"Pope Adrian 37th" (1995)
"Echoes of Anguish (ep)" (1998)
"The Underclass" (2000)