Somedays you wake up and everything's OK. Today was one of those days. But others you wake up and feel like shit, draged through the scum and spit out with a headache, that was all of last week.
Some weeks are better than others, thats all I can say.
Some days are better than others.
Right now I'm at peace with the world, but a little disturbed. Of course I'm always disturbed. But in varrying ways. Somedays it's worse than others. Right now that my only advice.
Today I woke up with a throat that feels like raw meat, screaming with pain. This the beggining of the second week of my cold, first week was sore throat, flu symtoms, and then stuffy nose and cogh. The cogh got me another sore throat, this one the kind that makes your voise croky, and Tom Waitsish. It hurt bad, but I'm working on its death.
The worst thing is the nasty snot nose, which I hate. It will all be over soon, I hope. THis is one long ass cold, which seems intent on doing everything it can. Die DIE stupid cold...