We all know that every once in a while the weather suits your mood completely. For me today is one of those days. When I woke up this morning looking out over the valley that makes up Golden, Colorado, seeing the grey clouds and greeny wetness, the spring weather (soon snow they say) suited me just fine, and still does. Why you ask? Mainly that after several weeks of happiness and sunshine I am alone again, not as before of course, it's only a small time of loneliness, while my girlfriend is away in Paris. I miss her very much, but of course as we said last night when we had to say goodbye for a week, it will only make us stronger.

"Whatever Doesn't Kill You Only Makes You Stronger."

So it's not like I'm all that depressed, more so like I'm just sad. My life really is very good right now, why should I be depressed? I'm just fairly alone for a while, and I really just want this week to go away, away evil week so I can talk to my girlfriend again!!

The war on Iraq seems to be dominating the day logs, and personally I'm fairly concerned over it, but somehow it seems very far away. Though I do believe Bush's stupidity and macho posturing will eventually bite him back. This strange American hatred of the French and anyone else who is tring to stand in our way is however kind of scary. We aparently think that it's okay to stomp on anyone who says nay to our violence.
My friend has been saying all kinds of very bad things about the French, he's aparently bought all the charicatures and stupidity that the majority of mass media has been throwing at him. All of this is slightly disturbing, aparently Bush can convince us all that war is good and that we can act without any thought of the rest of the world. This kind of macho stupidity I metioned earlier is extremely scary, as you never know what they will do.

I have a feeling that America will become a dangerous place to live, once we piss off enough people. America isn't an island, and it isn't a fortress, no matter if the government may try to make us one. We have to realise that we are a part of the world and we should act as such. So in the end more power to the French, America will still go to war, but at least someone is trying to stop us.