"Earth A.D."

The last album from the Misfits. On this one they took a speed metal/hardcor punk sound, and created something that would inspire a generation for metal heads and punks.
There are tons of different versions of Earth A.D., the current vinyl version has Wolfsblood and Die, Die my Darling, (later covered by Metalica) while the CD version also follow this track listing, there are various versions from times past.
Track Listing

1. "Earth A.D."
2. "Queen Wasp"
3. "Devilock"
4. "Death Comes Ripping"
5. "Green Hell"
6. "Mommy, Can I go out and Kill Tonight"
7. "Wolfs Blood"
8. "Demonomania"
9. "Bloodfest"
10. "Hellhound"
11. "Die, Die my Darling"
12. "We Bite"