A revolutionary wargame series, where morale is very important, meaning your troops won't charge a tank, or some such thing, of course that always goes for your enemy. The games are set in World War 2, and you play as both the Nazis or the Alies.

There have been five Close Combat games:
Close Combat, the first one is set in the Battle of Normandy.
Close Combat 2:A Brige too Far, is based on Operation Market Gardenthis is only one I own, but I've played the others.
Close Combat 3:The Russian Front, is based on exactly what it sounds like, the campain where the Germans attack Russia, this game provides a more expansive game than Close Combat 1 or 2.
Close Combat 4:Battle of the Bulge is based on the Battle of the Bulge, the last great German offensive.
Close Combat:Normandy is the newest, and is basicly an updated Close Combat.
The Close Combat series, as the last noder has said, has great AI, and is very fun, it camptures the horrors of battle well, and I like its squad based combat better than say Panzer General. Close Combat is a great series, pick up any of the games.