Axis is great. Hendrix turned Are you Experienced? into dust with Axis.

Axis starts with "EXP", which is really funky, it is 1 minute and 40 seconds of odd guitar sounds. "Exp" is follwed by "Up From the Skies", which is a funk song, and is really cool. After "Up From the Skies", there is "Spanish Castle Magic", a song that is really cool and sound like a Heavy Metal song.

"Wait Until Tommorrow", is next and is a funky, cool song, with the band playing backup singers, in really high-pitch. "Ain't No Telling" sounds like a Wilson Pickett song, and is really cool. Then there is the serene "Little Wing", which is great, it is one of the best songs on the album. After "Little Wing" "If 6 Was 9" plays, and it is odd, it's hard to explain what it sounds like.

"You Got Me Floatin'" is a Hendrix song, thats all I can really say. "Castles Made of Sand" is one of the best on the album, it is full of power and greatness. "She's So Fine" sounds like a song by The Who, if Redding were singing it, it has a British feel. "One Rainy Wish" is a wonderful song. "Little Miss Lover", is good too, and I like it alot. Finally the title track, "Bold as Love", is great, and it tops the album.

Overall Axis is one of the best albums ever!, I think that is is one of the CDs I own, and I quite simply love it, even the cover is cool.