Summer's almost over as the w/u says.. and now it's time for all kids to panic, and hide, and then resign themselves to the yearly torture of actually going back to school.
"Sadly" because I'm homeschooled, I have no real problem with going back to school, or as I say starting school up again. In a way I enjoy it, but that's because I don't have to put up with teachers and other people.

Now people ask me all the time, 'do you miss other kids', and my answer is.. not really, I mean they're fine, but I don't really miss being around other kids. And I had my friend, who introduced me to my girlfriend, and thus I'm not missing out on any sort of socialisation that I'd want, I just got the socialization I want. So I really got the things I've wanted without the many other kids and annoying people, so really I'm alright.

The main thing I am happy about is that fall is going to start soon, and thus winter, and I will like some more cool weather, but weather wise it really hasn't been to bad except for a little bit of July. I just don't understand that summer is almost over, it really seems like it was just a few weeks ago it was starting.. crazy.