AMMD (which stands for All Men Must Die) was a black humour radical feminist web page created by Kashka; created after a number of relationship problems she experienced.

The web page included a list of 100 'reasonably good' reasons of why this was so, such as: "How many men does it take to change a toilet roll?" Ans: "I don't know it's never happened."

Another example, she recounted one boyfriend who was visiting at her parents house, and asked her to take off all her clothes and lie on the bed- he'd be right back. He then went next door to her father and said that their daughter wanted to talk to them. He then left the house and drove away very, very fast. "This really happened".

The web site included a bulletin board called 'beg like a dog' where men could beg for a lower rank on the death list. i.e. you couldn't get off the list, but you could hope to be killed a little later ;-)

Anyway, inspite of being a huge success, with many hits, the web page was eventually killed. Kashka got bored, or got a decent boyfriend, or a therapist; or all of the above.