Rockbitch are an all-female five-member rock group.

The band members live in France, and are members of a wider pagan lesbian/bisexual commune with a single male member (who seems pretty happy with the arrangement and who happens to be their manager, apparently the male-oriented record industry had some issues with dealing with women before they got a male manager).

The group perform live music, with varying amounts of clothing; ranging from fairly standard for rock musicians to none, and involve having a very wide range of types of sex on stage with each other, and some audience participation. At the end of the show, they throw a gold condom out into the audience, and whoever (male or female) catches it gets to have (safe) sex with the whole band backstage afterwards.

Their music is surprisingly musical heavy rock, but with extremely explicit lyrics (for example one track is called fist fuck, and when performed on stage, it's as you would expect.) I rather doubt they are going to be on Top of the Pops any time soon, let's just say this stuff is going to scare a lot of people.

Sadly, they no longer tour; needless to say they faced some problems finding venues. However, you can buy videos from their website if you're into that kind of thing.