An (alleged) movie starring Mel Gibson, Helen Hunt, Alan Alda and Marisa Tomei. Released by Paramount Pictures. Written by Josh Goldsmith, Cathy Yuspa, and Diane Drake. Directed by Nancy Myers.

From viewing this film, I discovered the following things about what women truly want from men (or want to do or want men to understand as a consequence of men's unfeeling behavior):

  • The understanding that the preparations involved to make a woman "beautiful" are nothing short of tortuous. And the only way a man will truly understand this is to self-electrocute whilst wearing pantyhose and nail polish. To be done after a good leg waxing, of course.
  • That if a man doesn't grant you an interview for a job, it's time to get suicidal.
  • Mel Gibson is the property of female moviegoers so hands off men! No more Braveheart type movies. Women can't stand it when Mel goes butch on them. Instead of movies based somewhat in history, they'd prefer it if he played characters who were raised by Las Vegas showgirls with no male influence, so his portrayal will be sensitve ... and straight. That's more realistic.
  • That if a woman has mind bogglingly good sex with a man, who then doesn't call for a week, that man must be gay. And if he's not, he'd better tell a woman that he is, as that's the only explanation for not calling that will spare a woman's feelings. A busy week at work trying to better oneself is not an acceptable explanation. Nor attempting to be a parent to ones child. Nor falling in love with another woman.
  • That women would love for men to have the ability to read their minds, because women are too lazy and timid to verbalize their thoughts. Men wouldn't listen to them anyway if they spoke up, so why bother with all that communication?
  • That the days of strong male-female starring couples (Bogey and Bacall, Hepburn and Tracy, Redford and Fonda to name a few) are long gone.
  • Finally, according to the makeup of the audience, apparently the only way a woman can get her male SO to spend time with her is to have him sit through 2 1/2 hours of drivel that insults the intelligence of both genders equally.

    This is the number one with a bullet movie in the States at the time of this writeup. I apologize on behalf of Hollywood.