At the risk of GTKY I simply feel too strongly about something in this episode to let it go unmentioned.

One of the most powerful scenes I have ever witnessed in any form of filmed entertainment occurs in this episode of Babylon 5:

A large fleet of Centauri warships approaches the Narn homeworld, and begin to hurl asteroids at its surface in a final blow that effectively ends the war between these two species. During this horrific scene, we get a slow zoom shot. The camera, out in space, slowly pushes in on one of the battleships. We see Londo Mollari staring out a window, the reflection of white-hot asteroids illuminating his face from time to time. As the camera gets closer, Londo is slowly and utterly eclipsed by the shadow of a nearby ship, until we finally can see little else but the look of shock, horror, and deep regret on his face. The scene then fades out.

The incredible symbolism in this shot is nigh overwhelming, reducing the viewer to a mass of quivering nerve endings. It is a fantastic payoff for someone who has invested time in the series. Londo is the most tragic figure in the show, and this one shot demonstrates his realization that he is truly and irrevocably damned. It was Mollari that brought his people to this place, this time. Mollari, who in a moment of weakness allied himself with an evil power and ended any hope of peace. Without uttering a word, actor Peter Jurasik lets his face do all the acting, and it is a masterful piece of work.

Everything about this one scene is simply perfect. The special effects, the music, the direction, and the actor combine to present one of the most incredible scenes ever televised. It is a shining example of drama and of tragedy, and one that I will never forget.

Fanboy mode off.