God the 'net is strange. An employee of Comedy Central was scouring the web looking for people with a lot of knowledge about South Park. She somehow came across a post of mine on some bulletin board (no idea which one, maybe it was Usenet) about where I go into the 'deeper meaning' of the 'moral lessons' contained in South Park and dropped me a note asking me to audition for a new game show that's going to be on Comedy Central in November.

The show's called "Beat the Geeks" where three 'normal' contestants try to beat a 'geek' who has 'superior knowledge' about a specific subject. They want me to audition to be the South Park geek. Sounds like fun if you ask me. And if I get the part, I go back to film 5 episodes on 10-30-2001 ... and get paid ~$1600. W00t!

Personally, though, I'd rather be a Babylon 5 geek, but any port in a storm, eh?