A Marvel Comics superheroine.

Nova (alter ego: Frankie Raye) was the only person to be a fifth member of The Fantastic Four, supplementing the quartet rather than acting as a substitute member.

A relative of the creator of the original Human Torch (don't ask, it's complicated), Frankie met Johnny Storm, and soon began to suspect that she was a hot little number herself.

With the help of Reed Richards, Frankie learned that she could sheathe herself in a field of plasma and also possessed powers of pyrokinesis. Richards offered her membership in the FF(ive), and somewhat predictably, she and Johnny began to date.

One of Frankie's first missions with the team was against the mighty Galactus. She left the group at this time to become his herald, thus sparing the earth from his hunger. After Galactus freed her from her duties, she joined forces with the Silver Surfer to try and save Galactus from his newest herald. Unfortunately, Frankie died during this battle.

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