"I know Kevin Smith is not a homophobe, but we feel the movie he wrote and directed is overwhelmingly homophobic, and there's a huge potential for a negative impact on gay people, particularly gay youth."
--Scott Seomin, entertainment media director, GLAAD

"When you have two main characters who've both--at one point or another--hinted at or flat-out copped to homoerotic escapades, how on earth can that be considered 'gay bashing'? It's more than you get in most 'buddy' flicks. Did Murtaugh and Riggs (Lethal Weapon) ever cop to getting dreamy over the male anatomy? I think not."
--Kevin Smith

Y'know, I think I'll side with Mr. Smith on this one. Having seen the movie, I walked out feeling like I was fourteen years old. I laughed my ass off. I got to see lots of cute guys studying the nether regions of a lot of other cute guys in a public venue. It was silly, it was stupid, and by God, it's my right as an American cocksucker to love moronic shit like this!!!! Just what the hell is an 'entertainment media director' anyways?!?

And y'know what? There was at least one gay youth in the theater yesterday, and if he's thinking about committing suicide over this movie, he's going to have to wipe the cheesy grin off his face before anyone's going to take him seriously.

It was a fun movie. It was a stupid movie. It was a guy movie. And if one must come first, then I'll always be a guy before I'm gay. That's the only perspective that makes any sense to me.

I wish more GLAAD-handlers would realize that before they slam a movie and its maker over an inoffensive piece of fluff like this.

Sigh. Quotes taken from E! Online News, www.eonline.com