Do you know how much I love you?

I asked that question of you once. I didn't expect an answer.

But I got one, here, now, in the personification of panamaus.

He's moved here, to Santa Barbara, California, on the strength of his own will.

And yet ... and yet ... and yet ... part of why he's here is part of why I'm here. Part of who he is is part of who I am.

We're both here for the same reasons. I got here a'fore he, but he be here for the same reasons I be here.

Would he be here were not I here a'fore he? I don't know. I do know what lies ahead of him, because, in 1989, those things were ahead of me.

This is too cool. This is too scary. My home is his dream. My dream is his home. Now. Here. Whoa.

Welcome, to California, panamaus.

Hail and well met.

Oh, never mind. I'm trippin'.