A short, but horrifying, nightmare last night:

I'm walking the tracks of a wooden rollercoaster (the Texas Cyclone??) with my goddaughter and her best friend. We reach the crest of a hill, and my goddaughter starts to do gymnastics on the wooden beams.

At first, this is not unusual to me, as she's always doing crazy stuff like this. But then I'm filled with a sense of imminent danger, and that's when I hear a beam start to crack.

It's the beam my goddaughter is clinging to. I feel a wave of relief wash over me as she manages to vault herself back up to stand next to me.

Then the track beneath her crumbles, as if rotten. I try to reach for her, but I'm too late. Again, I'm relieved when she manages to grab another beam.

But while I'm trying to figure out a way to reach her, that beam cracks, and she falls to the ground ... so very far away.

Then I wake up, in a cold sweat.

I think this dream is in reaction to finding out that my goddaughter has her first serious boyfriend. I've been her father figure for most of her life, and I think I fear losing her. The mind is strange.