I enter the dream by waking up on a sofa bed, excited about the book I'm reading. The book is about humanity's first contact with aliens. The description of the aliens is what I remember most ... made of some sort of spongy plant matter, their eyes are actually natural lasers. While they don't wish humans harm, they also don't understand that we're sentient.

It seems like, for a time, I'm in the book, a fantasy within a dream. This being the first dream I can recall in nearly a week, I think to myself (in the dream) that this is going to be a really weird dream.

Then I come back to my "reality" on the sofa bed. Again, it's horribly cold. That's three dreams in a row in which the chill factor has been of note.

However, this time, I'm somewhat prepared. I know the layout of the (house? apartment?) where I'm staying and so I go to the armoire to fetch another blanket. I open the safe (??? and the combination is 24-79-46) but instead of finding blankets, I find boxed sets of WWF wrestling videotapes. I'm then hit with full knowledge of my dream environment.

I'm at the house of my best friend's boyfriend. He is an older man, retired from the military but still in the closet. This explains, I suppose the tapes of oiled up wrestling beefcake locked away in the safe. I then recall the purpose of my being in the house. It seems that this man is being haunted by ghosts of some kind. I appear to be alone in the house, and feel an electric thrill of fear along my spine. I realize at that point I'm not alone.

I turn around, and there is an old man sitting at the dining room table. I know instinctively he's a ghost. He seems sad and lonely, maybe a little lost. I try to communicate with him, but he fades out of existence ... I am utterly fascinated by this.

I return to my sofa bed, only to find that someone has vomited all over the blankets. I'm sure a ghost has done this, to keep me from sleeping. So I begin to search the house. I find that the house is stuffed full of people and/or ghosts. I find that I cannot tell the difference, nor can I directly communicate with any of these people.

Most of the people in the house are young, and there's a couple of guys I recognize in the dream as porn stars ... these two guys always play the part when I have male porn stars in my dreams, and since they're the only people I recognize, I try extra hard to get their attention. No luck.

I notice that each room in the house has some kind of tank or aquarium in it with a blue viscous fluid of some kind ... you know, the kind that's in those ocean wave simulators that are executive toys.

By waving my hands I'm able to excite this fluid, making it move within each tank. However, instead of getting anyone's attention, this seems to frighten everyone, badly. I wonder why everyone seems so scared, so I increase my waving, thinking that I can make some sort of message with the aquarium fluid.

Instead, the fluid takes on a life of its own, and begins to devour the guests, like a bad Stephen King story (as soon as I think this comparison in the dream, I realize that something similar to this was a bad Stephen King short story). People are screaming, and trying to get out of the house, but no one, myself included can find the exit. More rooms, with more evil aquariums, are presented to me with each door I, or anyone else, opens.

I wake up, a little freaked out. Then I realize something...

I was a ghost in the dream.