New Years Resolutions I Kept, 2001

  • I didn't. It was a tough year.

    New Years Resolutions I Didn't Keep, 2001

  • I didn't stay in college.
  • I didn't quit smoking, though I no longer smoke indoors.
  • I didn't paint my bedroom.
  • I didn't regain that which was lost, though I did come to grips with its implications.

    New Years Resolutions for 2002

  • I resolve to quit smoking. (a perennial fave, and this year, I'm going to quit with a friend, so it should be easier. A burden shared is a burden halved, or something.)
  • I resolve to finish noding those damn Super Bowl entries for the CRT.
  • I resolve to attain level 6.

    To all fellow everythingians ... Have a Happy and SAFE New Year's Eve revel!