So, like, I had this big, entertaining story to tell you all about how a boy, a girl, and a game of cat and mouse all combined to teach me a lesson in just how much people are not my personal playthings.

I spent hours crafting it, ignoring the fact that I could have been gaming. I read and re-read, edited and re-edited it to make sure it said exactly what I wanted it to say.

But before I sumbit it, I decide to take a smoke break, which I do, and return to check my e-mail.

Where I find this little gem from one of my customers, submitted from our web-based support form.:

Hi I am at a computer away from my home.
and I do not know how to access my email from here.

Please email me back to let me know.

She filled in her own e-mail address on the form. The irony, the groaning absurdity and utter cluelessness of this request had me laughing and crying and laughing for about 20 minutes. My first impulse, once I stopped gasping for breath between great whooping brays of laughter, was to node it. So I am, and screw the little morality tale I worked so hard to write.

I don't really think anyone has a problem with the absurd, or noding of same, around here.

You just have to do it well.

Or in a daylog.


Happy Birthday, Easter Bunny