I wish I had an E2 fan club. Maybe I could write complete jibberish and get 7 C's. My fan club and I can routinely exchange upvotes and C's, no matter what we write about.

I've been here for a while and I still don't know what the hell E2 is supposed to be. While this may be the point in some ways, it detracts from the experience.

Rookie mistake: noding a piece of information or classroom terminology. "E2 is not an encyclopedia! It's for writers!" Guess we're supposed to disregard the dictionary.

Write a piece of fiction and ask for tips and pointers, you'll get up and downvotes with absolutely no feedback.

Write a rant about your life. You'll either get C'd, or reprimanded for wasting a node. "Put that in the day logs!" Of course, an abstract piece of "poetry" with various html tags is viewed with awe and admiration.

Write an indepth biography about a major historical author and get a voting of 17/-4, write about a cheesy popstar and get a 52/0.

Wait! Voting doesn't mean anything, right?
Systematically it may not, but it still provides a gauge for your fellow noders. That gauge has shown one thing: voting is done on personal taste, and has nothing to do with the node itself. Don't agree with a view? Downvote.

Conclusion: This website has gotten too big for itself. The user base is now saturated with "First Post!" types.

E2 was once the culmination of ideals for an intellectual environment to exchange philosophy, information, writings, and whatnot. That dream has turned into an apparition.

Join the club, trade votes with a friend!