Want some news?
Today's headlines from Cnn.com:

Census has announced that they've overcounted by 1.3 million people in 2000.
Oddly enough, those 1.3 million people voted for Bush.

Texas's 300th execution since reinstating capital punishment was put on hold today.
Bush's advisors decided against "frying another" as they believed due to current world affairs that this was "no time to celebrate."

Stabilization and reconstruction efforts in Iraq could cost up to $20 billion a year for several years, according to a report released Wednesday by a think tank.
Anyone else get the feeling that after a few years Iraq will look exactly like Texas?

Three Great Lakes Still Frozen.
If you listen carefully, you can hear the collective *sigh* of global warming proponents.

According to PageSix.com "Joe Millionaire" runner-up and fetish star, Sarah Kozer, will pose for Playboy. She originally declined a $1 million offer, but accepted a $500,000 offer to only pose nude from above the waist.
I guess she wanted to give her feet a break.