History and Synopsis:

Drake Mallard (aka: Darkwing Duck) was a typical duck in the metropolis of St. Canard. During the day he lived a normal life with no job or seemingly accountable source of income, but at night he was Darkwing Duck, protector of all that is good and just. Then one day through a series of unlikely circumstances, a precocious 9 year-old orphan named Gossalyn, and a hard-to-lose oddball named Launchpad McQuack crossed his path. Shortly there after Drake became the adoptive father of Gosalyn, and Launchpad would become his bungling sidekick. Darkwing kept his crime-fighting alter ego secret from everyone but Launchpad, even to his own daughter, which would provide for many thorny instances as he routinely had to save her from danger.

The show was a spin off of the popular Duck Tales (Launchpad’s original home). It premiered on The Disney Channel in April of 1991, then moved to ABC and syndication concurrently. Within a year the show was made exclusively for The Disney Afternoon, replacing the Adventures of the Gummi Bears. It proved to be a huge hit and supplied a much-needed fresh anchor for The Disney Afternoon, because Duck Tales was losing steam. An impressive 91 episodes were created, and the show ran until 1995.

Darkwing Duck (Drake Mallard)/Negaduck – Jim Cummings
Launchpad McQuack – Terry McGovern
Gosalyn – Cathy Cavadini, Christine Cavanaugh

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