One of many spoofs based on the hit TV show Charlie’s Angels. Captain Caveman was an animated series featuring three lovely young ladies (Dee Dee, Brenda, Taffy) and a freshly defrosted crime-solving caveman. Yes, that’s right, a crime-solving caveman. The entire premise of the show was to have a caveman and 3 nubile young women travel around in a van, continually coming upon caveman solvable crimes. It was produced by the venerable Hanna-Barbara Productions and premiered March 1980. Despite its seemingly fail-proof formula, it only lasted one season. Luckily, it ran in syndication on USA Networks from ’89-’90, giving me the opportunity to see the best that American animation studios had to offer.

Captain Caveman - Mel Blanc
Dee Dee - Marilyn Scheffler
Brenda - Laura Page
Taffy - Vernee Watson

Lenberg, Jeff. All from The Encyclopedia of Animated Cartoons. 2nd ed.
New York, NY: Checkmark Books, 1999.

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