Since I started Uni, splitting my life between multiple towns has lead to the unexpected advantage of having multiple birthdays in any given year. This year shall be no different, except it's now a case of multiple countries, and I'm mad enough to invite you lot to one of the parties. With me in this endeavour is The Debutante, who also fancies two birthdays, and thus you are invited to join us for our combined 50th on November 11-12th. Those who know us well might recognise that as being neither of our birthdays, and suspect that we're just splitting the difference as an excuse for another drunken Bristol nodermeet. So, if you prefer, you can think of it as a farewell party, since I was far too busy with finals to say goodbye to the West country before relocating to Scotland; whilst The Debutante might well not be in the country for her birthday, so it makes sense to celebrate earlier.

Regardless, it is a party, and should feature a glittering selection of Everything's Best Users, the admin team, and me; along with such essentials as cake, pin the beard on the Rabbi, pass the parcel and musical statues to the finest sounds of the 80s. I suspect there may be some drinking involved too.

The Science bit

Saturday 11th - Sunday 12th November, 2006

The Debutante's flat, Bristol. (I'm not quite that mad.) (Are you suggesting that I'm mad? DEB) (Mad enough, it seems! G) (Agreed. I've lost the plot. DEB)


  • Tonic is interested, if he can find a cheap enough flight from Ohio!

Not Attending
  • Diabolic intends to attend Britnodermeets after moving to Spain, but for now is in Texas.
  • Hazelnut is in Paris.
  • Heisenberg tries to avoid Bristol. and ascorbic.
  • Junkill dreams of being able to visit, but fears it cannot be this year.
  • scarletblood is unfortunately half the world away, and thus doesn't expect to get here until 2009, which is a little late.
  • Timeshredder is in London, but on the wrong continent, much to our distress.
  • wordnerd is across the pond, but sends his best.

Contact me or The Debutante to be added to the above list, or for more practical details. Once we've thought of some.

Okay, so maybe people would like some logistical information. Plans remains fluid (how can they not, with all the alcohol flowing?), so be prepared for changes.

I'm thinking that we should have lunch at mine at mine on Saturday. Simple food - soup, salad, cheese - before heading to the pub. The party will start some time around 8pm. I hope that everyone has gorgeous party clothes planned for the event. My superhero boots will be making an entrance. Food, games, maybe something to drink. You sleep where you fall, followed by pancakes for breakfast on Sunday. If I'm not hideously hungover.


The writeups below capture the spirit of events perfectly, so I'd just like to thank everyone who turned up, be it from near or far. I had a great time, and I hope you did too.

For those of you who didn't make it (or did, but can't really remember much of it), photo galleries can be found here, here, here, here, and here.

I had a terrific time, and hope that everyone else did, too. Thank you all so much for joining us to celebrate our birthdays. I can't promise that there'll be a 2007 installment, but, well, after three in the past four years, it would be a shame to stop now!