It appears that Tracey Emin has shot herself in the foot with her "art as a means of personal disclosure" approach:

Recently, I read a newspaper story, in The Guardian, describing how the artist who is (in)famous for literally parading her dirty laundry in public had put up posters around her east London neighbourhood asking for help in finding her missing cat, "Docket". These posters were ripped down as fast as she could put them up, presumably by masses of art cognoscenti as they were reportedly changing hands at up to UKP 500. A spokesman for the perplexed Ms. Emin insisted that "she really had lost her cat".

Let's hope nearby-nieghbour Damien Hirst doesn't find "Docket" before she does...

2002.03.30 Update: "Docket" has been found, apparently. (Thanks, WolfKeeper).