Texas Flags

Six Flags Over Texas

Six flags have flown over the state of Texas since the Europeans first arrived in the 16th Century:
  1. Spanish : 1519-1685 & 1690-1821.
  2. French : 1685-1690.
  3. Mexican : 1821-1836.
  4. Republic of Texas : 1836-1845.
  5. Confederate States : 1861-1865.
  6. United States : 1845-1861 & 1865 to the present

Texas State Flag

The state flag of Texas is the Lone Star flag, which was adopted in 1839. It consists of a blue vertical stripe occupying the one-third of the flag, with a white star in the stripe's centre. The remaining two-thirds are occupied by two, equal-sized, horizontal stripes; white over red.

The colours of the Lone Star flag have the same significance as in the Stars and Stripes:

The pledge to the Lone Star flag is:

"Honour the Texas flag; I pledge allegiance to thee, Texas, one and indivisible."