bad: I hate my job.
good/bad: I'm looking for a new one. I'm not sticking around even though it's just been two months.
VERY GOOD: My boyfriend has acquired a laptop for me! A very, VERY nice Thinkpad with a huge screen and all sorts of extras. It's mine for the next year. I am very very very happy about this. ^-^ He's so neat.

Going to actually meet some of the SFWOW folks tonight, should be interesting. Invited my Japanese class to Halloween party. With E2ers, Charles de Lint fans (from Tamson House), learners of Japanese, and former-fans-of-Mercedes Lackey, it should be a genuinely strange mix. Apropos.

YES! The Oakland Museum of California wants to interview me Monday!!! I would love to work there, especially since their big Forbidden City exhibit starts soon.