This amuses me no end. My incredibly lame addition to stupid art jokes has been c!ed and has double the rep of my neat-o factual Roman Legionnaires in China (which I now realize would be an excellent name for a rock band). Heehee. I don't get angry about this kind of thing though! Humor is good, even when it's stupid art geek humor.

Ouroboros not only did the node for MY Surprisingly Cute Geeks of E2, he got on the Page of Cool! funny. I haven't added anything to it yet.

I found this cool food court in the festering hole of Yuppiedom known as Rincon Center. This food court has Yank Sing (famous dim sum place), as well as Korean, Thai, Italian, pizza, chili, Mexican, Middle Eastern, Indian, and lots more. And a cool-looking stationery store. Oh, and the "rain column," a very cool fountain-ish thing, and a live pianist (those dead ones have no reach). Wish I had a real lunch hour so I could enjoy any of the above. :/ I hate my job.