Met Ouroboros yesterday, at Little Hunan. He had Sesame Chicken, my SO and I had twice-cooked pork and something else. Except we started eating before Ouro got there, because I didn't actually think he'd show up. (Yep, it's true.) He did, though; I glanced up to see him a couple feet from our table. (Ya sneak!) So guess what, he's another one of the Surprisingly Cute Geeks of E2. (music geek, mind.) We had a good chat/meal despite my general muddleheadedness and sniffly-coughing noises. Ouroboros is someone I haven't chatted with on E2 all that much, and I didn't know much about him. There's not all that much you can learn in 45 minutes of dinner, but he seems quite intriguing. I meant to ask him how he came across E2, but didn't get around to it. Next time. ^_^ Ouro may consider himself invited to the Halloween party if it doesn't sound too dull for him.

Now the important part: the fortune cookies! Little Hunan's fortunes have Chinese characters on one side and English on the other. And before you ask, yes, they mean pretty much the same things.
- My boyfriend's: You are very expressive in word, act and feeling. (Well, he's a CS grad student who scored higher on the Verbal portion of the GRE than the rest, so...sure.)
- Mine: You display the wonderful traits of charm and courtesy. (Um...probably not, especially with my brain-fog-induced klutziness and sniffling. *wince*)
- Ouroboros': Saving the best for last. You have a deep appreciation of the arts and music. Heehee! Enough said.

Anyway, I had a good time and I hope Ouroboros did. That makes two E2ers I've met now, not counting people I knew before E2 who are here. dwyn is the other one. I'm very pleased to have met both of them. They're both cool guys I would have been happy to have a conversation with had e2 never entered into it. I highly recommended seizing any chance to meet your fellow noders.

Let me tell you something about DMan. I'm no psychologist, but my mother is. And I'm pretty certain that she'd tell you DMan has some real problems. He says he's not that angry in "real life." Let me tell you something about E2: It IS real life. Anything you produce from your consciousness came from within you. It didn't spring full-grown from the aether. There's some kind of anger, despair and (yes) near-clinical paranoia residing in DMan. I hope someone does something about it before it's too late. Keep that stuff hidden long enough and you turn into James Kelly.