Did I ever tell you about the time I took a bunch of Japanese girls who were studying English at a crash-course at my University to the university Midnight Madness thing and it was 1 a. m. or something and I had a fever of 103F and my head was spinning even BEFORE I played Quake with a 3-D/VR setup?

. . . well, that's kinda how I feel now.

. . . . . (minus the spinning polygons I couldn't focus on, the pixel-y explosions, and the cute Japanese girls of course)

The night after that we all went to see Brave Combo at some nightclub/bar on Dickson Street and some guy asked me to polka, so I did, despite still having the fever. Then we all had Shirley Temples.

I REALIZE this sounds like a thoughtstream from Zippy the Pinhead, but it's all TRUE. Swear to God.