Unbelievably tired. Easily confused by clients, unable to concentrate. It's hot. Window a/c in office blows on the back of my neck, but it's better than the rare heat. Had to hunt for a window unit for my flat yesterday. "The season is over," the guy at Sears said. Yeah? Tell that to Mother Nature. San Francisco truly shouldn't be this hot in September, though. Maybe that's part of why I feel so sick. I don't know.

I have to work on my personal statement for Berkeley soon. Should I mention that I've been admitted to Stanford, and am gambling on Berkeley instead? it's that important to me. Graduate school. Anything's better than working. I hate my job, and it's among the coolest jobs I could have gotten.

rescue me

Hey, if I invite e2ers to my Halloween/housewarming party, do you think they'd behave? dwyn would, but I haven't met anyone else and they sound like a party hard bunch to me. ;p see, I live with a 62-year-old lady with heart trouble. And I have a no drugs in the house rule. (that's MY rule dammit) so... my guess would be they wouldn't be interested anyway. mm. so who shall I invite? my boyfriend (duh), the cool chick from the Bordertown mailing list, the only co-worker I interact with on a regular basis, dwyn ... well, if you are a mellow Bay Area Everythingite and are down w/a party mostly consisting of Princess Mononoke, soft cider, Chinese food, and weird obscure music, let me know...I'll let you know when/if things come together.