It's a Wednesday and the day sucks already. First and most important, I had planned nifty things for my boyfriend's birthday, esp. to make up for the last few years of lousy birthdays he's apparently had. Today I wake up with congestion, a sore throat, and extremely tired. ACK! What do I do now?! I'm so upset. Secondly, I was just chewed out in extremely insultive terms by a client-travel agent. The problem is not on our end, the idiots at Thomas Cook in Hong Kong aren't coming through! And since I'm sick I'm brittle enough that I broke down in tears on the phone. I hope I hung up before she noticed. I wouldn't give her the satisfaction! LAST, people are downvoting my entry on Why I will not choose my children's religion. I re-wrote it a little bit, but mostly just to clarify my thoughts. Good grief, people.

So I guess tonight's celebration will be quiet. We may watch Whispers of the Heart. I had thought about buying banana split supplies and suprising him and his roommate with that. Guess I will. We'll need something to take our minds off all the OTHER things we could be doing. :p I bought Dove chocolate hot fudge sauce. I hope it's as good as Dove bars are. ... Shoot. Is he going to be really disappointed?