My Halloween party went pretty well, I think. We had copious amounts of food, including homemade sushi and homemade cheesecake. And the drinks were top-rate, I must say: Stewart's, provided by Ouroboros, and my Everything Cider. Yummy. So, let me tell you who was there of E2:

- blowdart, our overseas visitor, who brought Twining's and a London Tube t-shirt. heh. He was in costume as...a geek. (Well, that's what his shirt said.) His quote: "You people take Halloween WAY too seriously!" He seemed quite amused by us all. Of course, THEY take Guy Fawkes Day way too seriously, so nyah.
- factgirl, who brought blowdart, and was in costume as a non-geek. (Well, she had a cute pleated black skirt, I dunno.) She seemed cool, but I didn't get to talk to either of them because I had to go get food, and they left soon after. Foo. (blowdart wanted to go schmooze with Microsoft people. Ewwww!)
- Ouroboros and his female friend, who brought the sodas. I've met Ouro before, but didn't get to talk to him much although they stayed the whole time.
- m_turner, who was wearing a very cool Ren faire-ish jacket with Celtic knots on it. Know what? Didn't get to talk to him much either. Kept doing the hosting bit, curse it all. Oh well. But he seemed good as well. He, Ouro, and Ouro's friend were the very last to leave.

Anyway, I hope everyone had a good time. Everyone seemed to hit it off, and I think we could have skipped the movie and just chatted for four hours. Other groups represented included Tamson House, SFWOW, Berkeley CS grad students, and Bordertown. I didn't end up going as Gwynn, just as some sort of Good Fairy, which felt stupid, but oh well. Sigh. There's no way I'm going as that to work on Halloween--too awkward--so maybe I'll do some sort of generic Republican China thing.

The only thing ruining my good mood right now is that banner ad. I'm happy about the t-shirts, but...


it's? How embarassing.