Happy Memorial Day. Yet another holiday that used to have a meaning, but rather than having become the usualorgy of capitalism, is more of one huge national drunken frat party. Down in these parts that kegger usually takes place on the lake, which is many miles out of town. Drunken yuppie rednecks, SUVs, high speeds, water, heavy machinery, what a combination. Thank heavens I'm leaving...but of course I'm leaving early, which is not cool because there's so much left to pack. May not leave till near midnight, in which case we probably won't make it any further than Ft. Smith, AR before finding a motel and crashing, so I doubt there will be anything to add to Wintersweet's I-40 Road Trip. My dad is here to "help" and is driving me up the wall. Yaaargh. ... Okay, there is NO WAY that we are leaving tonight. Tomorrow morning. Maybe. Geh.

It's been a very long day. I'm exhausted. Thank goodness for Starrynight, who ICQ-chatted with me for much of the day. And for the silliness in the Chatterbox. P_I, yer pony rides rule.