More packing today. The CDs are already packed but I'm doing my few remaining cassettes now. I have to find a box big enough for my CD changer, all of our boxes are small. I sold my Player's Handbook and DM's Guide to a friend, and gave my first four issues of Elfquest (which I never did get into) to another friend. I've given away a lot of things...I have a few drawings to send to Starrynight.

I started up the Wintersweet's I-40 Road Trip node, along with a photo album at ( --the password is "gowest"). T- 6 days.

I had a nice talk with Starrynight earlier, and on the phone with Kai last night. They've never met. It's amazing how few of my friends actually know each other, and a lot of them really should. Well, maybe at the huge Mathematical Millennium New Year's Eve party we plan to have, I can gather the clans, as it were.

I was a good girl and noded some Asian Studies-type stuff, namely Lei Feng, Lu Xun and Xi'an. Now I'm going to sleep, despite the occasional spooky noises from the possessed computer turning itself on and off.