Yesterday, Mother's Day, I took my cool mom to visit my grandparents at their farm in Missouri. This will probably be the last time I ever see them, since they are 85 and 89 years old, and I am about to move to California. I don't know if I will miss them or not; we have never been that close. Still, I'm glad I went; it made them feel good, if nothing else. Grandpa and I looked at an atlas so he could see where I'll be going to graduate school. They lived in Contra Costa county during World War II, so he knows the area some. His sister even went to Berkeley for a while. Grandma had me smell the mock almond bush out front, and I think I can still smell it.

I wrote Li Qingzhao's lingering fragrance last night, and State of Tomorrow today. And I'll try to quit now, honestly, I am vaguely embarassed by the fact that I node poetry. Sigh.

It is the second day that my beloved has been back at his home. I miss him. Still, I have so many things to do in order to move that I guess I won't have too much time to feel lonely.