My high point of the day was definitely walking downtown to see if we could see any movie crews or anything for Matrix 2. Although we didn't see Keanu Reeves or Carrie-Anne Moss, we were treated to a filming of a black truck-like vehicle (an "Escalade"?) with a camera right in its window, and inside it, a couple of freaky-looking white guys, with grey dreadlocks (that were white on the bottom), who were wearing silvery-tan suits and wielding automatic weapons. We even got to hear the gunfire as they zipped around the corner (okay--they didn't zip. The whole deal was on a trailer bed pulled by another truck.). I got a better look at one of the guys later--artificially high forehead and Neo-style sunglasses.  

The cops, who seemed to be enjoying themselves way too much, were talking about an earlier scene in which a vehicle plunged straight for the newsstand on Broadway street sort of near BART, and how the guys inside dove for cover. A handler said that the movie people have bought out the entire block (it's not a block, really, more of a wedge) at 16th and San Pablo, where Veronico's cafe was.

I'll cruise around tomorrow after work, too. I probably won't get lucky again, but I *will* have my lousy no-zoom digital camera with me.

Oh! Hey! I'm probably going to WonderCon, guest again of Trina Robbins. What a cool woman and artist she is. David Mack, Geoff Darrow, and Sergio Aragones will be there, along with a bunch of people from TV shows past and present (Julie Newmar, etc.) and some random stuff like Playboy Playmates ("..."). Surely some noders will go? --it's cheap! ($12 for one day, half the cost of Fanime Con.)

The above stuff about Matrix got into Ain't It Cool News today. Neat! But remember, you saw it here first.