Lloyd's Donuts is on Mowry in Fremont, CA. Given that the Krispy Kreme is not too far, over in Union City, CA, you may wonder why it's worth writing home about. Basically, Lloyd's has the lightest touch on frying I've ever encountered in a doughnut bakery. Their raised glazed doughnuts are excellent, the chocolate glaze is delicious and made with real cocoa, the buttermilk ones are like nothing I've ever tasted, and the chocolate wreath is truly divine. The old-fashioneds are good too. Reasonably priced, Lloyd's is also open later in the day than most doughnut stores, as they also serve sandwiches. Definitely un-trendy, with no atmosphere whatsoever, it's a good old-style neighborhood donut joint, full of retirees in the morning. Highly recommended.