I think it's on Shattuck, it's definitely in Berkeley. Walk over to Games of Berkeley and face the BART station. Little Hunan is to your right. I eat there about every Wednesday evening. Little Hunan has excellent, excellent Chinese food at the lowest prices ever. (Not $1.10 Food, but far superior in quality.) You can eat a full dinner for around $3.50, and a rather large dinner with soup and all for around $5.00. There's no ambience; it's all formica and business, but who cares. The food is outstanding. I recommend the twice-cooked pork; they also have slightly harder-to-find dishes such as clay pot tofu. Great place to eat spicy--that's what Hunan is known for, after all. Can't recommend this place enough! Easy on the budget and extremely tasty. I'm glad I found it. Till I did, I seriously thought I had some sort of jinx regarding Chinese food in Berkeley, as up to this point it had all sucked. Anyway, Little Hunan has entrances on two different streets--how cool is that? See you there at 5:30!

P. S. Some of the workers do not speak much English, so you may need to point at the menu.