No apartment luck today. I'm so full of I wants. I want some non-fast food and a place to live is GROWING into I want some good pasta and miso soup and pastry and Chinese dumplings, and I want to wear the clothes I like--I think I have a rather interesting fashion sense, I've just never had the money or opportunity to indulge it. And I've seen a dozen apartments I like and would enjoy living in, but they're $200-400 over my top limit.

I guess it comes down to: Money can't make you happy, but it can sure make you a lot more comfortable. Maybe I should have stuck with computer science after all, but then I probably would have flunked out, and I don't think these exceedingly well-paid computer people are actually getting the chance to enjoy their salaries anyway.. I don't know what I should do. Find out how to make a decent amount of money and have a life as an Asian Studies M. A., I guess. Ha.